My Vision

You have the opportunity to either vote for much of the same with the other candidates or to choose an innovative leader by voting Sterling for Vice President. I want to improve the relevance, respect and value of engineering to our global society. I am the only candidate who will elevate PEO governance to be more visionary, nimble and inclusive in our fast changing, digital world. We can’t assume that how we operate today, and the governing powers that we have, will continue without challenge or change.

I want to look at how will we license engineering graduates who now only stay in jobs for 2 years at a time and have more interdisciplinary experience. I want to engage our chapters and membership in more 2-way dialogue on changes in industry and education that could affect the public interest or how we regulate, and on whether our enforcement and complaints are reaching all industries. I want to invest in succession planning for our members, the people of our profession, with mentorship, training in effective governance and education of our regulatory tools like the PE Act.

My vision over the next year is to work with our chapters, committees and members to define the actions that will deliver on our new strategic plan, and to do so in an inclusive way. Research provides evidence that a diversity of genders, ages, races, disciplines, regions, and abilities to name a few, drive the innovation we need to be the global leader we aspire to in this 4th industrial revolution.

I bring 15 years as a chemical engineer working in industry, 8 years working at PEO directly supporting chapters and enforcement, and 2.5 years as a senior leader at York University.

I would be honoured to have your vote.

Marisa Sterling, P.Eng., FEC

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