I am Ontario's first Assistant Dean, Inclusivity & Diversity, at an engineering school

In this role, I work to bring equity and access to under-represented people in engineering, such as female-identified, indigenous, racialized, visible minority and LGBTQ2 individuals to name a few.

…she’s a champion for the younger generation…

The Huffington Post

I have created the first Inclusion Lens for Canada’s engineers, a web-based tool to make events inclusive of all people, a tool that will be used during NEM 2018 and that I can help PEO and its chapters adopt.

[It] is about going beyond policy compliance to leading by example

I want to help improve the relevance, respect and value of our profession to the global society.

I want to see a diversity of people across all types of engineering disciplines be licensed.

That is why I volunteer as President & Chair of the Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education. As the official charity of the Ontario engineering profession, we provide students with connections into the path for license in partnership with PEO’s Student Membership (SMP) and Engineering Intern (EIT) programs.

I want to see clearer enforcement in existing and emerging disciplines of technology so that licensing stays relevant.

After working at PEO for 8 years and serving as the Enforcement Manager, I cost effectively restructured the department to proactively increase the title and practice protection of engineering, but there is still more we can do.

I want the public trust PEO and engineers, as innovators and leaders in regulation and governance, to help them safely navigate our rapidly changing, diverse, global world.

I have started this work as a champion of the Engineering Change Lab, a national collaboration to unlock the full potential of the engineering profession to benefit society in the pace of global change.